The Benefits of Sectional Flighting

Augers serve important roles in a vast array of industries. They are used for agricultural applications, manufacturing applications, construction applications, and many, many more. Of course, augers for different applications must meet different requirements. At John Baasch Auger, we produce multiple types of auger flighting in an effort to provide every client with a product that meets their exact specifications. 

Sectional auger flighting is one of our main product offerings. Rather than being formed from one piece of material rolled into a helix, sectional auger flighting is made from individual pieces that are formed from flat plate steel, and then joined together.

The primary benefit of sectional auger flighting is design versatility. The sectional flighting production process allows for more variation of design aspects like material choice and material thickness than the simpler helicoid flighting production process. Sectional flighting also provides a wider range of size options than helicoid flighting, because its length is not limited by the production process in the same way.

John Baasch Augers provides sectional auger flighting in a range of materials, including Abrasive Resistant alloy (AR alloy). Therefore, in addition to being able to meet a more diverse range of design requirements than helicoid flighting, sectional auger flighting can perform extremely well in applications that involve moving abrasive materials. 

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