CEMA is an auger standard that has been established for decades. It was created for efficiency and safety. These specifications are implemented in most situations that require an auger conveying system. The CEMA auger line is a pre-engineered standard, based on many years of research.

CEMA specifications define the correct bolt diameters in relation to shafts, correct shaft sizes in relation to pipe sizes and correct lengths in relation to auger diameter. CEMA augers are manufactured with standard helicoid flighting for lighter applications, harder sectional flighting for heavier applications, and stainless flighting for corrosive applications.

CEMA augers also come with the option of mounted paddles for mixing applications. They are time tested and approved for many different applications like agriculture, concrete, ethanol, pet food, meat packing, mixing and material moving.

To further the complete system, each CEMA auger is assigned to a particularly sized CEMA trough. Just as CEMA augers are manufactured to meet CEMA standards, CEMA troughs are engineered to meet the auger demands. CEMA troughs at John Baasch Auger are available in mild steel or stainless steel, with the option of AR200 liners welded within the bottom of the trough.

The CEMA standard has been a staple in the conveying industry for many years and will remain relevant for years to come. John Baasch Auger is committed to providing the best products in the industry and the CEMA standard helps us ensure that each customer’s requirements are well-met.  

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